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The Evil Containment Spell of the Jūjihōka Gates Technique (邪悪な封じ込め魔力の十字砲火門の術, "Jaakuna Fūjikome Maryoku no Jūjihōkamon no Jutsu") is an advanced Barrier Ninjutsu that uses perimeter based mediums to erect a powerful offensive and defensive shield in haste with Fire Release. It is a secret jutsu of the Yohi Clan.


This jutsu uses cleverly placed mediums, be it kunai, clones or fire, to spontaneously erect a powerful shield that appears as a net. This shield's appearance, however, is a farce. Even trying to enter the defense area or leave it through these holes will result in disaster: incredibly hot flames mixed with yang setting one ablaze with enough heat to melt a kunai on contact. Because of yang they are exceptionally more difficult to put out as well. As a result of the nature in which these barriers are produced they come about quickly; instead of starting from one point and spreading to the extreme ties the barrier starts from the mediums and spreads about, making it more effective than not.

By using the Tiger seal it is possible to cause the barrier to increase in size or shrink, including from the direction beneath the ground. With the Dragon seal one can cause the barrier to explode. It is often times used in conjunction with the Fire Release: Violent Furnace Technique.


  • As per the barriers rank, it is suggested that it can withstand higher tier A rank jutsu before beginning to dismantle and eventually disappearing.