Ichigo Uzumaki is the Seventh Hidden Leaf Village. She is roleplayed by OP.


She is a pretty woman, who loves to save her comrades. She puts her friends before herself.


Ichigo was born to Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki during the war with the Land of Hot Water. As a baby, she was cut by a stray Kunai knife, and if left a scar up her left arm.

During her time in the Academy, she was the top student, and excelled at Shadow Clones, having being taught it by her father. She graduated at the young age of 10, and was placed in a squad with her father, her best friend Hinata, and her crush Kokoro.

Once she graduated from Genin, she quickly became Jonin Commander. Once the war with the Land of Tea started, the Hokage died and she became Hokage at only fifteen years old.

She eventually got married to her crush, Kokoro, but chose to keep her last name.



Naruto Uzumaki


Hinata Uzumaki


Kokoro Yumi


Konaha Yumi

Uruka Yumi


Shadow Clone Jitsu- Her father taught her this at a young age, so this is her best Jitsu. She can create more then 100 clones if she concentrates hard enough.

Handsome Jitsu- As a spin-off of her father's sexy jitsu, she turns into a very handsome man with short blond hair and green eyes.

Fireball Jitsu- After watching Sasuke use this, she copied it into a similer one, that instead is more long range and is smaller.

Weapons- She usually uses her Kunai and Jitsu in deadly combinations, but for close range combat, she is known for her skilled use of Chakra Blades. 


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As the youngest Hokage, she is constantly pricked on by the other Hokage.


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