Masaya Yagazaki is one of the top Junin of Hidden Leaf Village. He is roleplayed by Wild.


He is a handsome man with white hair and glowing blue eyes. His main weapons are his long sword and Chakra Blades. Masaya has been seen wearing blood red jumpsuits most of the time with a black bullet-proof vest.


Masaya was born to Kimi and Tobi Yagazaki. He was at the top of his class during his academy years, and soon became one of the top Junin.


Water Clone Jitsu- His father, a good friend of Kakeshi taught him this, and he is very skilled at it.

Subsitution Jitsu- He exceled at this jitsu during the academy, and he can create multiple subsitutions.


Fan Art naruto Kakashi by Syrkell


He is jealous of Ichigo Uzumaki's position as Hokage, and hopes to become Kage so he can challenge her. 

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