These are the rules and techniques for the Villages

Making A Village TutorialEdit

Step 1: Check to make sure that no one else has a village of the same or a similer name.

Step 2: Make a village. Just click 'Add a Page'.

Step 3: Make a style similer to Hidden Leaf Village. Whoever owns the village should put their name in bold. Make sure you say what land your village belongs to!

Step 4: Make the village positions in this order in Heading 3 font:



Junin Commander



Academy Students

Non-Ninja Members

Step 5: Invite people to join your village. Try creating interesting missions, and have unexcepted things happen. This will make it even more fun and more people will want to join!


Rule OneEdit

You DO NOT have to ask to make a village UNLESS you desire for the village to have special powers.

Rule TwoEdit

You must ask the owner of a village if you would like to have a battle. If you would like your village to have a battle with a whole land, then you must contact the owner of the land. (For exp. If you want to have a battle or war with Land of Fire, contact Wild.)

Rule ThreeEdit

The village can have unlimited members, unless it's a limited addition group, a prophecy, or the owner sets a limit.

If you would like to suggest a rule change, suggest a new rule, or have any questions, leave a message on this pages talk page or contact Wild.